A drop in the well…


I had so much to do today. It’s my first child-free day in a week and the first since we returned from overseas – so cleaning and washing and all that jazz. And catching up on work. And thinking about healthy food choices for myself and the boys… and what kind of laundry washing solution is the most ethical and environmentally sound… and whether I am being the best possible mother… and I really need to get the gutters cleaned… and what do I really want out of life anyway??? And so on. I ruminated about these and other inconsequential things in the train wreck that is insomnia meets jet-lag and pelting rain at 3am. The only logical thing I could decide was I really needed to write a to-do list.

But not just any “to-do list.” I need a list that holds me accountable. A list that I can’t just scribble down in a notebook and forget about because then I bought a much cooler moleskin and it has blank pages that are great for doodling in…

A list that also allows me to work through the anxieties and petty concerns and real genuine issues that I want to sort out. Something that gives me a bit of structure, a bit of a process to follow.

And a list that may actually help me achieve some of those Big Things that are the reason I am doing all these little things anyway. Like live an Authentic Life. A Simple Life. A Meaningful Life. In short, a well-lived life.

Big Dreams, I know. Big Dreams that are only achieved if you start to take small steps to get there. Every day. But then I get overwhelmed and worry about it all at 3am in the morning. So here is my attempt to organise my life into baby steps that aren’t overwhelming. I think lots of other people are striving for the same thing. So I just thought I may as well throw my drop into the bucket. Or the well, if it please you. And I hope it does please, or help, or inspire you – even if just a little.

This blog then is not really “another project” – it is my “master project” if you like. The blueprint for the other projects in my life.

Here is my list to begin with:

Going plastic free: once a month I will switch a product I currently buy in plastic to a non-plastic version and share my findings here

Reading: read at least one book a month and post a review here

Philosophy: Explore 1 quote, article or philosopher a month and share how this is helping me in my own life

Service: make it a priority to find a way help others in some way, and reflect once a month

I may add more, or replace these with others as I go, but this gives me a starting point. I suspect I will need to add something about gardening and growing food and nature, and about art and creativity… (here I go again!) This is my great Work in Progress (for after all, what life isn’t?)

Now, time to go and walk the dog!

A man must design nothing that will require so much time to the finishing, or, at least, with no such passionate desire to see it brought to perfection. We are born to action:

‘Quum moriar, medium solvar et inter opus.’

[‘When I shall die, let it be doing that I had designed.’ — Ovid, Amor., ii. 10, 36.

Michel de Montaigne, “The Complete Essays”




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